Why You Should Invest in a Quality Safe

Why You Should Invest in a Quality Safe

Safes Michelin once had an advertising slogan that said, “Because so much is riding on your tires.” It was a clever, succinct way to remind people how important tires are to the safety of people’s lives every single day. Now take that idea and apply it to safes. “Because there are certain papers you just can’t replace,” could be the slogan for quality safes.

Why should you invest in a quality safe?

Reasons to Invest in a Safe

Well, what if there’s a fire, God forbid? In that safe you’d have stored some of your most valuable, precious papers, like birth certificates, social security cards, passports, the deed to the house, the title to the car, and photos– key photos of close friends, pets, and, of course, family. These are things that cannot easily be replaced. If there were a devastating fire at your place, wouldn’t it be great to discover that the things locked away for safekeeping were actually kept safe, surviving the fire and the ensuing deluge of water from a fireman’s hose? Quality safes can withstand extreme conditions.

Besides fires, consider natural disasters, including floods and tornadoes– a quality safe can protect cherished documents and pictures should your place flood or the harsh winds level the house.

Safes are good places to keep family heirlooms that matter so much to you– the priceless kinds of things like grandma’s ring or your great uncle’s handwritten family tree on paper from 1940 that has been passed down for generations. Safes are where you should keep things like expensive jewelry, gold, precious metals, copies of stocks and bonds, and even cash, “just in case.”

Certain kinds of safes are also utilized to store hunting bows, knives, guns, blades and other weapons– a high quality safe matters since you don’t want kids “accidentally” getting in there and hurting or killing themselves (or others).

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