Residential & Commercial Lock & Keys

Commercial Locksmith in Appleton, WI

Residential and Commercial Locks & Keys


Are you interested in installing new locks and keys in a home or business that you just purchased? Or do you need to replace the locks and keys in your current home or business to make sure it’s as secure as possible? JC Security provides residential locksmiths and house door lock services in Appleton, WI as well as a commercial locksmith and door locks for a business in the Northeast Wisconsin area.

For more than 10 years, JC Security has been working with home and business owners throughout Appleton, WI and many of the surrounding cities. As members of the Associated Locksmiths of America, we’re fully qualified to install, maintain, or replace the locks on any residential or commercial property. We provide security keys that cannot be duplicated or reproduced by another locksmith, which will provide you with the highest level of key control available. You’ll feel safer and more secure in your home or business when you have locks and keys from JC Security installed.

Residential Locks & Keys

There are about 1 million U.S. homes that are broken into every year. On average, homeowners lose more than $2,000 during a home invasion. If you want to avoid having a home break-in happen to you, modernizing your locks. Whether you’re looking to replace a single lock on your front door or all the locks on your home’s exterior doors, JC Security is up for the challenge. We can show you the latest lock and key solutions and help you choose the right one for your home.

Check out some of the benefits of upgrading your locks and keys:

  • It makes it more difficult for a would-be burglar to break into your home
  • Lowers your homeowners insurance costs
  • Controls how many copies of your house keys are made
  • Provides you and your family with an added peace of mind

Commercial Locks & Keys

We provide businesses in a wide variety of industries with commercial lock and key services.  About 10 percent of small businesses are the victims of a burglary or theft each year, which is why you need to make safety and security a top priority.

With more than 40 years of collective experience in the locksmith and security industries, JC Security is the company you can trust for commercial locks and keys. We can walk you through some of the very best locks and keys for businesses and show you how they can keep your commercial property safe. They’ll allow you to avoid break-ins and show your customers how much you care about maintaining a safe building. It’ll work wonders for your company’s image and lower your business insurance rates in many instances in the process.

For more information, call JC Security at 920-716-4449 today or fill out this form to receive quotes for our residential and commercial lock and key solutions.