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When Should a Business Change Their locks?

When Should a Business Change Their locks?

Businesses Changing Their LocksJC Security of Appleton, Wisconsin, gets asked this question, a lot: “When and why should a business change or rekey their locks?” Good question.

Change of Address

First, if and when a business moves into a new building or new set of offices within the same complex, where they’ve never been before, then it’s a good time to change up the locks. Even though a previous owner or renter moved away, they might still retain the keys or codes to that building or set of rooms. Former tenants could conceivably get into the new business where they don’t belong– and worse… steal stuff!

A Previous Break-in

Speaking of stealing, a second reason to change up locks is if there’s a robbery. Once a business deals with a robbery, everyone involved starts to feel unsafe. They wonder, “How’d they get in? What exactly did they take? Are they going to come back, again, and do more harm?” Indeed, one has to worry about future robberies, and therefore it makes total sense to change the locks. That way, if a robber plans to strike again with the same old key or code he or she used before, their plans will be thwarted.

Disgruntled Employees

Also, if employees get laid off and they didn’t want to go, guess what could happen? A disgruntled employee is going to try and “get back” at the boss by messing with the business in some way. Usually, they’ll want to find a way into the building or offices after hours where they can then disrupt the computer systems and/or paperwork and cause harm. Anytime a business owner or boss conducts layoffs and/or sees an employee leave with a bad attitude and malice toward them, it’s time to change the locks.

Valuable Inventory

Certain businesses need to change locks more often than others– for instance, if a business deals with stuff that others really want to steal, like cash, expensive jewelry, or automobiles, then it’s a good idea to change locks every couple months just in case anyone wants to try and steal keys or codes and, ultimately, stuff from that business. This is similar to changing passwords for accounts on your computer– you need to be a step ahead of “hackers.”

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