Reasons to Have Your Car Keys Duplicated

Reasons to Have Your Car Keys Duplicated

Duplicating Car Keys In the old days, people had keys. Nowadays, it’s more likely they have “fobs,” which typically involve pressing a button to lock/unlock a vehicle. Sometimes the fob also includes a key on it. No matter what you use to get into your vehicle, it’s a smart idea to have more than one key or fob for it.

What happens if you accidentally forget to bring along and/or lose your key/fob? You’re up a creek without a paddle. You are stranded. Your whole day is probably ruined. That’s because people have schedules to stick to, places to be on time, and they do NOT have time for problems or errors. It’s no wonder, then, that smart people have a spare key/fob somewhere for those times “just in case” they might need it to get into their vehicle.

For example, say you are married. You are out to lunch at the mall and for some odd reason you realize you left your main key/fob somewhere else– it’s not in your pocket like it should be. Maybe it’s on the countertop at the local bowling alley or you set it down at the table at the bank. You call your spouse and say, “Honey, can you come to the mall and bring my spare key/fob?” He or she can do that for you, making life easier. Then you can drive to wherever you think you left the main one and retrieve it. Crisis averted.

Spare keys/fobs also come in handy should a key break or when the battery in a fob dies. Just like with anything, two is better than one. It never hurts to have a spare or two.

That said, sometimes you’re just out of luck– you don’t have a spare and you’re locked out of your vehicle. That’s when you call JC Security to come unlock your car door and/or replace your key, transponder or fob. JC Security has helped countless people in and around Appleton, Wisconsin, get back into their cars and trucks. For help, call JC Security at 920-716-4449 Monday thru Friday 9am – 4pm; emergency services are offered when available.


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