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Commercial & Residential Safes


Do you keep cash, jewelry, important documents, and more inside your home or business on a regular basis? If so, it’s incredibly important for you to keep them locked up so that only you and your family or you and your most trusted employees have access to them. JC Security can help make this possible by setting you up with a safe locksmith and safe work in Green Bay, WI. Installing a residential or commercial safe inside your home or business will provide you with the perfect place to store your valuables and keep them protected.

At JC Security, we’ve been supplying our customers with a wide range of locksmith services for over a decade now. We’ve expanded in recent years to deliver even more services to our customers, and that includes helping them install residential and commercial safes. We can help move and maintain safes for home and business owners, too. From standard mechanical safes to more advanced electric safes, JC Security can work on just about any safe that you need us to and make sure the locks on it are in great condition at all times.

Safe Installation

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new safe in your home or business, our safe experts can show you some of your options and help you pick out the right safe based on your needs. From small safes that can fit just about anywhere in a home to larger safes that are designed for commercial use, we offer safes that come in a variety of sizes and styles. What’s more, we can also install your safe quickly so that you can start using it right away and do all of this at an affordable price so that you don’t have to break the bank on a safe locksmith and safe work.

Safe Moving

When you invest in a safe for your home or business, you need it to do more than just keep your most prized possessions locked up inside of it. You also need for it to be very heavy so that someone isn’t able to pick your safe up and steal it from your residential or commercial property. Nonetheless, the only problem with a heavy safe is that it can be almost impossible for the average home or business owner to move one on their own. That’s where JC Security can help; we’ll move it to wherever you need it to go.

When moving a residential or commercial safe for you, JC Security will be careful not to do any damage to the safe itself or any of the mechanisms inside of it. We can also help you set it up in its new location so that you can start using it right away. As proud members of the Associated Locksmiths of America, we know the ins and outs of working with safes and will do everything in our power to ensure that your safe arrives at its final destination safely when you ask us to help you to move it.

Safe Maintenance

Most safes are built to last for a long time. Reputable safe manufacturers use the best materials to create strong safes so that they won’t break down. But even the most durable safes in the world must be maintained to prevent them from failing. From servicing the dial on a safe so that it spins freely to making sure the locks on a safe lock securely, we can handle the maintenance of every aspect of your safe. We can even change the combination for your safe if you’re worried about the security of it for any reason.

Call JC Security at 920-716-4449 today to schedule a safe locksmith and safe work in Green Bay, WI. You can also fill out our request form to get a quote on our safe installation, moving, and maintenance services.