Reasons to Have a Master Key System

Reasons to Have a Master Key System

Benefits of Master Keys You’re probably familiar with the term “master key.” It shows up often in spy thriller movies. Usually the bad guys want to break into a room or a safe to steal money but they first have to gain access to the master key to make their criminal job easier. Much of the plot revolves around them doing whatever it takes to steal the master key from the person who holds it so they can use that prized key to open the door/box and, if all goes as planned, get rich. At the end of the movie, though, their plans are thwarted; they get arrested and taken to jail and the money (or jewelry) is returned to its rightful owner.

Locksmiths know all about master keys. Using a master is part of a multi-tiered approach to keeping stuff locked. For instance, say you work at a company with a master key system. The head honcho/boss/manager holds the master key. He or she can gain access to everything in the business with that key. Others can’t. Employees typically get another version of key that opens specific things germane to them, such as certain doors or locked boxes that they need to access. The nice thing about a master key system is that it can be customized to a customer’s needs, giving them control over their security.

The Benefits of a Master Key System

Why have a master key system? For starters, that one key opens every door in a building. It’s convenient. It can also be cost-effective, as old locks are simply re-keyed rather than having to obtain new hardware. Next, it’s efficient because everyone has a key that “makes sense” for who they are and what they do. It keeps certain people out of certain areas. The system can be designed to give employees access to only the areas they need. If a high-security lock is used, the master key system won’t allow any other keys to work unless a duplicate is made with the owner’s expressed permission.

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