Signs It’s Time to Rekey a Door to Your House or Business

Signs It’s Time to Rekey a Door to Your House or Business

Rekeying a DoorHave you heard of the term “rekeying?” Basically, if and when you decide you want to use a new key for your door, but you don’t want to replace the entire door lock, you can have a locksmith like JC Security “rekey” it. Rekeying involves replacing the tumbler in the lock cylinder and receiving a new key that matches the new tumbler.

What are some signs it’s time to rekey a door?

  1. You’re switching roommates/housemates. As soon as one moves out, it’s time to rekey so that they can’t get back inside. Give the new key to the new roommate/housemate, and make sure you get one, too. This is especially important if/when a roommate leaves on bad terms– you don’t want them sneaking into your place when you’re not there and messing it up to “get back at you.”
  2. You’re changing “domestic helpers.” Helpers could be nannies, maids, cleaning companies, house sitters and/or groundskeepers. Again, you don’t want the “old person” having access to your place, especially if they left under bad circumstances.
  3. You’re changing home contractors. Who knows who had access to your key(s)… what if some untrustworthy sub-contractor or “bad apple” employee made a copy of your key and wants to steal your stuff?
  4. You’re moving into a new place! When you do this, who knows how many people have keys to the old door locks? Maybe the owner from the 1970s still has a set of keys to get in, while the most recent owner from 2019 does, too. Therefore, to be on the safe side, start fresh with brand new door locks and keys. This is your new place– not theirs. Make it your own with all new keys.
  5. You’ve lost your key(s) and/or it/they got stolen? Okay, get new ones. It’s time for a rekeying.

In the Appleton, Wisconsin area, who can you call for quick and efficient rekeying services? How about calling JC Security at 920-716-4449? JC Security operates Monday thru Friday from 10 – 4, with emergency services offered when available.

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