How a Locksmith Can Make Your Life Easier

How a Locksmith Can Make Your Life Easier

LocksmithsIn the Fox Valley and surrounding Northeast Wisconsin, JC Security has become the “go-to” locksmith for many people. Based in Appleton, and run by Jeff and Brad Engel, JC Security specializes in auto keys, but also offers a whole host of locksmith services.

How does a locksmith help make people’s lives easier?

Key Solutions

For starters, they make keys. People need and use keys, often on a daily basis. People need/use keys for buildings, vehicles, locked boxes and more. It’s important to have spare keys, too. Should the main key go missing or break, a locksmith’s “spare key” proves invaluable. Locksmiths also deal with key fob replacements.

Avoid Lockouts

Do you ever get locked out of your house or vehicle? A locksmith is the person you’d call to help you get back inside in a fairly quick amount of time.

New Locks

If and when you get a new home or you rent a place out and get new tenants, it’s a good idea to start fresh with keys. Therefore, a locksmith can be called to supply you with brand new keys. This is actually called “rekeying” in the business. Did you know a locksmith can rekey your locks without having to replace door handles? Nice!


What if you’ve got a broken lock? A locksmith will come and fix it. Mechanisms break, broken keys get stuck in a lock, and other problems occur. Locksmiths have the expertise to fix lock and key problems.

Security and Peace of Mind

Finally, locksmiths often deal with safes and security systems. Did you recently discover an old safe in the attic and you have no key for it? But you really want to know what’s inside? There are ways to get the safe open, thanks to a locksmith’s know-how.

If you need assistance at home, at work, or on-the-road, a locksmith can be so helpful when it comes to locks, keys, key fobs, safes and security systems. Specifically, JC Security deals with car keys, standard high security automotive keys, safes, residential/commercial locks and keys, master key systems, and lockouts. JC Security operates weekdays 9am to 4pm, with emergency services offered when available. In Wisconsin, call JC Security for your locksmith needs at 920-716-4449.


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