Can You Replace Your Car Key If You Don’t Have the Original?

Can You Replace Your Car Key If You Don’t Have the Original?

Replacing Original Car Keys Did you recently lose the only key that you had for your car? You might be incredibly worried about whether you’ll be able to drive your car again. You rely on your car to get you to work and to drive your family around, so not having a car for an extended period of time simply isn’t an option.

Replacing a Car Key

Fortunately, you can get a car key replaced, even if you don’t have an original key handy. You can have your car taken to an auto dealership to get a new key made. Or better yet, you can call on a trusted locksmith to get the job done for you for just a fraction of the price of what a dealership would charge you for a replacement key.

To have a new key made for your car, you’ll need to call a locksmith and tell him or her the make and model of your car as well as the year it was made. You’ll also need to tell them the vehicle identification number, or VIN number, for your car and provide them with a registration or title for your car to prove that you own it.

From there, a locksmith can do the dirty work and take care of making a new key for you. Whether you need a simple key for a car manufactured prior to 1981, a transponder key that will need to be programmed to work with your car, or a smart key that looks more like a key fob than a regular car key, a good locksmith will be able to create the key you need. He or she also be able to program your car so that any lost keys won’t be able to work with it.

If you can’t find the original key for your car, JC Security can replace your key for you and get you back on the road in no time. Call us at 920-716-4449 today to see how easy it is to have a new key made for your car.


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